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Uniting science & microbes for thriving 

We bring great things back to life


We're Fixing the World's Wicked Problems

Microbes redefine what's possible in ag, biotech & human health

Ancient Cultures Offer a Wealth of Opportunity

Nowhere else on earth will you find this collection of rare microbes. They predate industrialization, antibiotics, and herbicides. They are pristine.

Far more valuable than gold, we combine ancient strains into potent blends that are scientifically tailored to benefit earth and humankind. These gloriously biodiverse cultures are wholesome, sustainable, and totally natural.

MicroOrganisms are an Obsession

Our team is world renowned for the work we've done in microbial science and research. It is our life's work.

The science is clear: Microbes are powerful. From farm productivity, to resilience in human health - these tiny organisms can (and do) change entire ecosystems for the better by working WITHIN them. 

We Are Solution Finders

Unlike the majority of generic products for agriculture and industry, we embrace the complexity of ecosystems, meta-genomics, and biology when creating microbe blends designed to go to the root of problems.  

Each strain is evaluated with phenotypic, genotypic, and functional characterization so our scientists can map beneficial properties and pair it with other strains to create an "entourage effect" and long-term, systemic balance. That's how we create thriving farms and people. 


Unearthing Ancient Strains

for a brighter future

We are the first in the world to tap into the wealth & lost biodiversity in truly ancient bacteria strains. 

Preserved in amber and deep sea cores, these rare strains are extracted in our revolutionary process.

Our scientists identify each unique microbial strain (over 2,000 so far), for culture collection with phenotypic, genotypic and functional characterization.


From this our scientists can map out key beneficial uses for new cultures - so they can do good for soil, plants, industry, and people.  


Fostering Systemic Change 

A wholistic approach leads to far-reaching impacts

To create long-term change that stops things like the cascade in soil health, we must create solutions that are designed to work WITH these complex systems. From our bodies to the farms where our food is grown and to the wild spaces around us, at PaleoBiotica we know this is the only way to shift "ecosystems" to a thriving state.


We connect the dots. We have to. 

It's our mission to explore and capture the microbial diversity of life for the benefit of we can leave this world better than we found it. 





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Protect Your 

Give your crop the best chance to thrive...from day one.


PaleoCoat is a powerful seed coating that promotes germination while boosting seedling health and preventing wilt caused by fungi. 

Rounding Up Toxins with microbes


Worried about Glyphosate toxins in your soil and crops? Choose a natural way to safely remove it.


PaleoRestore is designed to to fight glyphosate contamination. It naturally bioremediates this herbicide and crop desiccant from soil and water.



Soil Food
for Happy Crops


Enrich your soil. Feed it what it needs most and it will reward you with more resilient plants. 


PaleoGro is a probiotic soil supplement that is designed to replenish soil. This amazing blend goes on to promote healthy plants and robust growth in crops. 

Microbes are the Future

Amazing things come in tiny packages

What's all the excitement about when it comes to bacteria and microbes?
These microscopic creatures are "super-regulators." From our bodies to the soil under our feet they are integral to every biological system. When micro-flora are in balance and bio-diverse, we find health and resilience. Whey they are not, we see the opposite. 

They're smart. 
As biological organisms they respond almost immediately to environmental shifts. They work within the system to bring it to balance. No chemical can replicate that intelligence. 

Not genetically modified.
All of our ancient strains are naturally-occurring and harvested from nature. They are from environments before the age of antibiotics, pesticide use, and pollution

Resilience. Profits. Balance.

Find out how our microbe blends can revolutionize your business. 

Our Leadership


Martha Carlin

Systems Thinker

      Martha makes things happen. She's an expert in the interconnected nature of the human microbiome and is the CoFounder of The BioCollective. 

      See more about Martha


      Raul Cano


      Our fearless leader, Professor Emeritus @ Polytechnic University and renowned global  expert in micro-organisms and ancient bacteria. 

      See more about Raul


      Robin Steele

      Board Director

      Robin has decades of experience leading companies in biomedical and biotech industries. She heads up our product dev strategies.

      See more about Robin


      Judy Daniels


      Judy is a key advisor as an expert Soil Scientist and Geospatial Ecologist. She helps us to connect key elements for soil health.

      See more about Judy

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